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Host the Ultimate Backyard Parties

Build a large outdoor living space in Flushing, Fenton & Grand Blanc, MI

If your backyard is full of dips and hills, you may not have a lot of places to put chairs and tables for your outdoor parties. Thankfully, Reliable Enterprises LLC has a solution. We offer comprehensive deck building services in and around Flushing, Fenton & Grand Blanc, MII.

We'll start by discussing all your options, including whether you want a glass, metal or vinyl handrail. Then we'll create a design that meets your needs and get to work building your dream deck. You can also trust us to revitalize your current deck.

Schedule a full consultation for your outdoor living space today.

Top signs you need a new deck

It's not always easy to tell when you can restore your deck and when you should completely remove and replace it. However, you should get new deck building services if your current deck:

  • Is too small
  • Contains rotten boards
  • Has Unstable or Broken Posts or Framing
  • Tired of Maintaining

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Reach out to our team today to get a new outdoor living space.